About Family Tree Presents

Family Tree Presents is a music promotions company with over 6 years of experience in the music business and over 10 years of involvement in Alaska’s music scene. Concert promoting in Alaska became our business focus in January 2007. Our concerts since then have featured nationally signed bands such as God Forbid, Unearth, Seemless, Misery Signals, Aiden, and Every Time I Die, and popular acts such Portugal The Man and Girls Girls Girls, the world’s first and only all-female Motley Crue Tribute Band. Our concerts are held at popular venues in Anchorage such as Chilkoot Charlie’s, Club Millenium, and Player’s House of Rock.

We also run the Official 36 Crazyfists Street Team and the Official Unearth Street Team. Team members promote the bands and their music where they live. For more detailed information on the Street Teams please go to the forum.


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